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Hurricane Katrina

On the Mississippi River

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King Neptune partied hard in the Big Easy.

New Orleans will never be the same!

Here are some photos running north on the Mississippi River up to New Orleans Lousianna.
The photos were taken on September 4th, 2005

River Barges on or over the levy.



The river stage is back to normal


A tug in dry dock near New Orleans.

This is really a wild situation.


The tug boat in the dry dock is still in place

Speaking of tug boats.


How about these guys

Lets just get a little bigger


How about a sea going barge that carries liquid chemicals or a cargo ship?

Crane Barges are always fun to slam anound


As we passed thru the down town section of New Orleans


This is probably the most notorious image of Hurricane Katrina

Unfortunatly the weather was a bit hazy the day these were taken.

This warf was on all the television stations as it burned.

Days later as we passed thru it was still smoldering

Another Warf with container cargo scattered everywhere


Storage tanks damage by Katrina


Almost all of the gable roof is gone


Do you know how you got here?

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